Nov 30
Rare Gov't Mule Uncut Press Sheet

Rare Gov't Mule Uncut Sheet

Very rare, two-up, uncut press-sheets of Chuck Sperry’s and my Gov’t Mule posters are available here. This is another sweet Firehouse print by Chuck and I that shares the same color palette with completely different results. There are 20 in existence, of which Chuck and I split 50/50. There are 8 available through this blog. Orders placed by noon on Saturday, Dec 19 get a surprise silkscreen print.

Gov’t Mule – Warfield
Firehouse Goldenvoice 66 & 67
23″ x 35″
Edition of 20 Signed and numbered

Gov't Mule prints in the Drying Rack

Gov't Mule prints in the Drying Rack

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