Jan 09

This Clapton Crossroads Festival poster was designed and printed by Dave Hunter and Ron Donovan at Hangar18 in Oakland, CA. Each one of the prints is a unique work of art. Archival paper was individually hand sanded and stained before the hand screening process began. Nine colors were then carefully applied one by one, including metallic inks and then numbered. The three dimensional effect achieved by this craftsmanship makes the design appear like a poster nailed to a piece of wood. The central image is of a classic locomotive pulling into a mythical but still recognizable Chicago.

Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival

Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival

Crossroads Festival 2010
June 26, 2010
Artist Proof Edition
Plate signed by Dave & Ron
Hand signed by Dave
23″ X 35″
Just a few available at this sale price
SOLD, Thanks!

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